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Immi Canada offers you the best in immigration consulting services.

A Immi Canada oferece a você o que há de melhor em serviços de consultoria de imigração.

Start your immigration and
immigration and visa planning for Canada

In the immigration consulting you will have access to qualified professionals, who will assist you throughout the process.
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Immigrate through studies
Many are seeing study in the country as an opportunity to invest in their career and get work experience in Canada through the PGWP - Post Graduation Work Permit. This study experience may also be conducive to a future permanent residency process, if it is of interest to the student. 
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Provincial nominees
Provincial nominees can occur in a number of ways, such as through the submission of a notification of interest, the receipt of a random invitation, for cases that have an active profile in the Express Entry system, support from an employer, and through a study program. Once all the provincial steps are completed and approved, the applicant will receive the so-called provincial nomination and will proceed with the federal step of the residency process, according to what fits his/her case. 

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Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship 
To apply for this visa, it is necessary for the traveler to present a letter and documents proving the financial situation of their child or grandchild that guarantee that they have the minimum conditions to maintain their parents or grandparents. In addition to having a Canadian medical insurance plan and performing the medical exams that are required by immigration. 
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To qualify as self-employed, the professional needs to prove experience in some specific professions and the desire to maintain the activity in the country. It is also necessary to have at least two years of experience and to score at least 35 points in the ranking that determines whether the person has the financial resources to invest in the country. 
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Caregiver Program
To apply, you must receive a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer. You also need at least six months of training or a minimum of one year of full-time paid work experience as a caregiver or in a related role in the three years prior to your application.
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Canadian Citizenship
Canadian citizenship is the last step in the immigration process. Canadian citizenship can be obtained by birth or naturalization. Immigrants who have settled in Canada and meet certain criteria are considered eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship by naturalization.

Why is it easier with Immi Canada?

Our service is fully specialized. We at Immi Canada are focused on transparency in all your application processes.  That is why we are always committed to providing you with the best experience in visa application and immigration programs for Canada.
Follow-up from start to finish
Our team of experts follows your visa or immigration process to Canada from start to finish. Always updating with feedbacks about the application and keeping everyone who consults with us informed at all stages of the process.
Government of Canada Licensed Consulting
Our immigration consultant, Celina Hui, is licensed by the Canadian government.
Whether you are applying for permanent residency, PGWP, visas or others, we are ready to assist you with the quality and efficiency that only our licensed consultant can provide.
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