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Express Entry is a program that aims to bring qualified immigrants to Canada.

The program is divided into three strands (Programs/Streams):

Federal Skilled Worker
Canadian Experience Class 
Federal Skilled Trades 
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
This is the program for skilled workers with at least one year of work experience outside Canada.
The minimum criteria for FSW are:
- One year of consecutive paid skilled work experience within the last 10 years
- Proficiency in English or French
Achieve at least 67 points out of 100 on the program's Six Factors to be eligible)
-High school diploma
Also, it is important to remember that to apply for FSW you need to prove that you have funds to support yourself in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Canadian Experience is already aimed at those who have a minimum of one year of qualified work experience within Canada.
The minimum criteria for the CEC are
- One year of qualified work experience within Canada, within the last 3 years
- Proficiency in English or French
If you meet these requirements, you are eligible, in the case of the Canadian Experience Class, you do not need to prove funds for the immigration process
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
This immigration program is targeted at certain skilled workers. To qualify for this program, you must:
● Have at least two years of proven full-time work experience (or an equivalent amount of part-time work experience) in a skilled trade occupation within the five years prior to application;
In addition, you must:
● Have an offer of full-time employment for at least one year
● Have a certificate of specialty qualification in your occupation, issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority.

Express Entry process map

Review eligibility (FSW/ CEC / FST)
Request the required initial documents
Complete the profile
Send for manager's review
Update spreadsheet
Forward the voucher to the customer
Publish Profile
Send for customer review
Monitor for 12 months
Ita received
Perform contract stage billing
Request missing documents and updated Homework
Perform the application
Send for customer review
Send to manager for review
Analyze the documents and fill out the post ITA profile
Send voucher to customer
Update spreadsheet
Send monthly update and other updates
Finalized? Perform contract collection and other final orientations
Express Entry is today one of the main ways to immigrate to Canada, bringing thousands of immigrants to the country every year.

We at Immi Canada have total expertise and we will help you in all the processes, with an exclusive advisory service. Several people have already been approved, count on us to build the ideal profile and apply safely for your Canadian dream.
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