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Academic Equivalence Counseling

Academic Equivalence Counseling

19 de Setembro de 2021


This service is for those who are interested in obtaining their ECA report (academic equivalency) through WES (World Education Services) on a stand-alone basis.


Full support for Academic Equivalency through WES. This service includes:

· Individual analysis of each educational background.

· Create each profile online and pay the processing fee.

· Filling out the forms.

· List of the documents that will be used in the process and division of these documents.

· Indication of a sworn translator for a quotation.

· Preparation of the envelopes with the documents and postage.

Our fee will be CAD 250. This does not include translations, postage, and the processing fee charged by the agency performing the academic equivalency.

After hiring the full academic equivalency support, should you decide to hire Immi Canada to be your representative in a future permanent residency process, you will receive a discount in the amount of CAD 150 of our fees for Express Entry, within a period of up to 12 months.

If you are already an Immi Canada client in the process of permanent residency and wish to purchase this product, you will receive a discount, in the amount of CAD 150, which will only entail the payment of an additional CAD 100.

*This service is intended only for equivalences performed by WES.

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